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    Over time, dirt, debris, algae, mould and lichen naturally build up on your roof. The combined effect of all of these means a weaker, less waterproof and more brittle roof, which also appears neglected. Powerdrive roofing roof cleaners are industry specialists with more than 20 years of experience.

    Roof Cleaning Restores:


    • The presentation and appearance of your home (its “kerb appeal”)
    • The value of your home
    • The maintenance integrity of your roof
    • The lifespan

    The Average Roof Cleaning Process Will Include:


    • Thorough cleaning with special pressure washing devices.
    • Clean everything including solar panels, skylights, and hot tubs.
    • Disposal of Green Wastewater – No pollution of the local sewage system.
    • Proven water-based cleaning tools and procedures.
    • Complete cleaning after completion.
    • Processing guarantee for repairs made
    • We use the latest safety equipment and are fully insured.


    On roofs that are more than ten years old, whether clay or metal, any type of membrane or powder coating is likely to have weathered and or eroded, meaning simply cleaning the roof will expose the underlying material to the elements.

    When your roof is about a decade old, consider repainting to protect the tiles or metal. This greatly extends the life of the roof and looks great! At Powerdrive Roofing, our roof cleaners only use special industrial high-pressure cleaners to clean roofs.

    Please note: a standard Pressure-cleaner in untrained hands can damage your roof or cause it to leak. So don’t attempt it yourself! The force of the water-jet can damage or loosen tiles and remove any aged grommets in a metal roof, thereby eliminating its watertight sealing properties.

    There is also the dangers involved with being on a pitched roof, those dangers increase when that roof has mould and the risk is greater again when you add water to the mix. Please let the guys and girls at Powerdrive roofing come out for a roof inspection and assess the best options for your roof cleaning project.

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